About us

Ahoy Seafarer!
We are the Crew Cert team, and our mission is to support seafarers in building their professional profile. We provide tools that will allow you to store your certificates in one place, available at any time and effortlessly. Our free tools are a clear, intuitive website and a simple mobile application. We encourage you to use it during a cruise or at home.
Already working at sea? Great - then you probably know how many certificates you need and how difficult it is to wrap your head around all of the expiry dates. 
Just starting your journey? Don’t you worry - we’re here to help you navigate between all the courses. 
After decades of experience working on both sides of the contract - on the despatching side as well as working on one; we know all the difficulties of the system, the growing number of courses year by year and new regulations. As if that’s not complicated enough, each training center has their own sales system very often with no online booking or payment option and courses available only for a limited time.
Thanks to Crew Cert you can easily: 
  • Find the training you need
  • Sign up and pay online 24/7 from any place on earth
  • Get a notification on upcoming trainings
  • Get a notification on upcoming expiry date of your registered certificates
  • Set up your professional profile, which allows you to easily send out your resume with a full pack of documents to recruiters.
Once your profile is set up you can easily access all of you certificates at any given time, prepare a document pack in line with your own needs and check expiry dates with only a couple of clicks. 
Crew Cert was created to ease your way in obtaining, organising and accessing all necessary courses and certificates. This allows you to prepare new contracts faster and more easily by avoiding time-consuming communication with training centers. 
Almost 30 years of work in crew- and ship-managerial companies has made me well acquainted with the marine world. I know your struggles you face when coming off a ship and how much effort it takes to set up your next contract. Many of you may know me already and the reputation I bring. I brought together a team with extensive experience in the marine industry to make Crew Cert a helpful user friendly tool to support you. 


 Joanna Mollin 
 CEO Crew Cert