Organization of private and corporate events on the training ground

Time to combine corporate or private events with a dose of
adrenaline and unforgettable impressions!

At our training ground in Gdańsk, you will test your abilities
as a firefighter. You will spend time dynamically, learn new
skills in a great atmosphere and professional conditions.

We will organize the event you expect (there may be only
simulator classes). 
If you want to spend more time with us,we will organize 
catering and we will deliver you with our own transport.
We provide professional service in the field of organizing
the event, as well as numerous accessories, tailored to
different tastes. 
Reasons why our events are the best and create unforgettable
- An individual approach to each event 
- Professional organization - tailored to the needs of the group* 
  (private and business) 
- A unique training ground for the fire brigade at the customer's
- A unique scenario of activities on the training ground that we
  will prepare individually 
- The ability to combine the offer of several simulators or just one
- Complete customer satisfaction 
- Great fun, a large dose of adrenaline 
- Providing maximum security 

We offer several simulators, check the details below:
  • Flashover chamber trainer it's probably the most characteristic the 
    device of a "firefighting" training ground . 
    The task of the chamber is to simulate an internal fire and the phenomena
    occurring during these fires. Fire, smoke, high temperature are what 
    characterizes every fire. Classes in the chamber allow for the presentation
    of the zones that occur during fires, as well as characteristic phenomena. 
    During the exercises, it occurs opening and closing of the chamber 
    openings to increase and decrease availability of air. 
  • Internal fire training enables the simulation of fires: residential, warehouse, 
    workshop and industrial, etc. with the occurrence of real fire, smoke, 
    enables the implementation of various simulation variants, both single fires 
    and sequences of events.
    The trainer consists of various rooms on several floors, thanks to which it 
    allows to reflect the actions taken during real fires, and faithfully reflects 
    the conditions prevailing during a fire in the staircase and balconies. 
    During the exercises, the participants undertake the identification and 
    interpretation of the signs of an internal fire and the selection of the 
    procedure based on the results of the diagnosis. 
    They will learn about the ways of moving and evacuating the injured 
    in the fire zone, and about heavy smoke in heat-resistant clothing with 
    the use of respiratory protection equipment in a group of two rescuers. 
    They use water currents to extinguish the fire, acquiring the skills to 
    use the correct extinguishing technique and tactics, appropriate to 
    the class of simulated fire. 
  • Smoke chamber is a distinctive trainer for exercises among all rescue 
    services and crews working on ships. 
    There is a specific psychological training in the smoke chamber. 
    The smoke chamber is a labyrinth with obstacles in which the visibility
    is limited by smoke. Additional "attractions" are sound and light effects
    and the possibility of changing the position of obstacles. 
    In addition to coping with stress, the smoke chamber requires the 
    practitioner to analyze the situation and react quickly. 
    Crossing the maze teaches cooperation and builds trust. 
  • Extinuishing a burning tank or coolint system is a typical part of 
    a petrochemical installation. 
    It allows you to simulate the unsealing of a gas installation, a typical
    ground LPG tank allows you to conduct exercises with unsealing and 
    ignition of the installation at LPG stations and home tanks. 
    This is especially important when learning how to handle water currents 
    when approaching a burning installation. 
    In addition to dealing with stress, extinguishing the tank requires the 
    practitioner to analyze the situation and react quickly. 
    The cooling plan of the installation teaches cooperation and builds trust.
  • Petrochemical ignition with a hydrocarbon leakage, where the leakage 
    of hydrocarbons occurred is a multi-storey petrochemical installation. 
    It allows you to initiate leakage gas installation, and hydrocarbon leaks, 
    in order to exercise in moving on landings and ladders in special clothing, 
    using respiratory protection equipment. 
    This is especially important in learning to search petrochemical 
    installations to find the source of a fire or emergency. 
    During the exercises, participants use water currents to extinguish 
    the fire, acquiring the ability to use the correct techniques and tactics, 
    appropriate to the class of the simulated fire. 
  • Simulator of big external fires / helideck. 
    Helideck is a deck where helicopters land, refuel and take off. 
    It is a deck without which no oil rig and many ships or ships could 
    function. A landing or taking off helicopter is very dangerous. 
    Due to the fact that there is fuel in the helicopter's tanks, in the event 
    of a disaster it almost always causes a fire. It is a situation that forces 
    the crew of a ship or an oil platform to take immediate action, which 
    consists in evacuating the crew and passengers of the helicopter and 
    extinguishing the burning helicopter. On this trainer, participants of the 
    training have the possibility to extinguish an external fire of large dimensions. 
    The extinguishing of the helicopter mock-up at the landing field is 
    carried out with the use of water currents and heavy foam, as well as 
    with the use of a water-foam cannon located 20 m from the helicopter.
It is easy to realize that experiencing this unforgettable adventure with us, 
additionally has a large training dose. In these safe and professional conditions 
we will face the elements of fire and water. 
Such an experience can help us in everyday life, develop reflexes that strengthen 
our safety and that of our loved ones. It unites the group in a common challenge 
and overcoming obstacles. 

Here's how we made sure that this unique event was comfortable and safe. 

Social facilities: 
We have 3 toilets and 2 of them have showers. 
We have a large "dirty" cloakroom and a "clean" changing room. 

Lecture hall: 
For 50 people, equipped with a TV, table and chairs, coffee facilities.

Heat protective clothing:
Firefighter jacket and pants, combat gloves, balaclava and optional
respiratory protective equipment.

Keeping the outfit clean:
We have dryers with ozonation for combat gloves, respiratory 
protective equipment masks are disinfected after each use and 
packed in a foil bag.
All firefighter clothes are washed regularly.

If you are unsure which simulator (trainer) to choose, 
if you want to ask about the price (depending on the variant chosen), 
if you have any questions about the organization, 
if you need catering during the event, 
if you need transport, 
if you would like additional services on site - contact us 
We will prepare an individual offer! We'll set up together, 
how this special day will look like. 

*groups of 10 or more 
if the group is smaller, the unit price will increase significantly